Sony Vegas Pro 9 vs. Adobe Premiere CS4


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I'm looking into both of these right now and haven't decided which one to go with.

The trial of Adobe Premiere CS4 is ridiculously limited so it's hard to be sure if I will like it, but the full version does sound promising, especially with it's seamless connection with other Adobe programs, specifically After Effects.

Sony Vegas Pro 9 is pretty great so far based on my trial experience. It handles HD video perfectly and the editing controls are really self explanatory and easy to get going with.

One downside of Vegas for me is the pricetag of $500 or $600 or so. I can upgrade my Adobe Creative Suite CS3 to CS4 for a bit more than that and have a ton more programs AND Adobe Premiere CS4 and After Effects CS4 included in the price. I am leaning towards Adobe for this reason.

Thoughts? I am especially looking for advice from somebody who has used them both more than a few times.
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I use vegas for my video editing needs and it works great. Though I haven't tried Premiere to compare it to. Honestly I'd go with Premiere if I were you just because it works with after effects.