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PlayStation 2 Sony or Microsoft?


New Member
I say Sony because I do not like Microsoft much. Too much technical difficulties. :sick:


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Staff member
Well you know a lot of people have had trouble with Sony too. The XBOX is much more sturdy than the PS2.

I like XBOX controllers more than PS2 though.


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I like everything about Xbox better than PS2. Better controller, better graphics, more durable, better games, etc. There are very few PS2 games I would consider getting. I had a PS2 for a while (actually only a couple months) and sold it since there were no games I wanted.


Registered Member
I personally do not care too much for Microsoft as a corporation. Plus, I am a mac user and I could care less about Windows. I never really got into the xbox probably for that reason. We briefly had one (from a contest) but we sold it. We purchased the original Playstation, and just have been going with Playstation consoles ever since.

I have heard many good things about the Microsoft consoles compared to Sony and sometimes Sony can be very arrogant, but at this point - I would welcome any new console that came in our house. Having a Nintendo is nice, but you definitely are missing the "wow" factor.


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MS, cause they're the under dog. i don't even understand why everyone hates them.

i also like the xbox > ps2. IMO quality > quantity. plus i like the controllers [ the feel, the button placement, and the break-away cord ] and xbox live rules.


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I went with the Playstation. I had the original, and I've grown fond of some of the system specific franchises that are available to me.