Sonics: Allen Not Available



Ray Allen's name has been linked to the Knicks since the shooting guard position is their greatest need.

"To read that stuff about us looking to move Ray is laughable," said Sonics GM Rick Sund. "We've had a disappointing season, but we've had big injuries to guys like Rashard Lewis and Ray. Nobody's called me about Ray because he's not available."


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Trading for Allen would be a really smart thing for the Knicks, it would help them a lot. But the Knicks would have to put at least Frye in the package, and they would probably add Crawford and Francis. But if I had to trade Frye and Crawford and Francis for Allen I would do it in a heart beat, Curry, Marbury and Allen would be a deadly duo.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Why would they even believe this to be concevible, Allen their best is better than ever player on the knicks squad in my opinion. They are currently struggling right without Rashard and to trade Ray would kill their team chemistry.