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Songs you can't help but sing along to


aka ginger warlock
We seem to have a good collective of diverse music lovers here in GF which I love, it makes life more interesting but I was wondering what songs that as soon as you hear them you know the lyrics and just can't help singing along to, this isn't a top five thing if you don't have five or for that matter if you have more than that simply which songs have this affect on you.

Mind would include:

Oasis - Wonderwall

Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers

Snow Patrol - How to be Dead


Lion Rampant
Good thread, Ginock. It's hard not to bust out with some of the tunes I sang with garage bands as a teen. "Ain't Talkin' About Love," "Johnny B. Goode" and the Beatles' "Girl" come to mind.

Then, there are some that just flat fucking kick:

The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero - YouTube

Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing (Video) - YouTube

Devo - "Gates of Steel" (Live - 1980) MVDvisual - YouTube

Bad Religion - Infected - YouTube

But the song I thought of immediately when I read your thread title, the one I can never resist chiming in with, is this:

Weezer - Hash Pipe - YouTube


A Darker Knight
Don't Stop Believin'. (Pre-Glee). This song was awesome before it was popularized... again. When you hear the piano in the beginning your mind subconsciously prepares to start singing.


Son of Liberty
Sex Type Thing and Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots, Limelight by Rush, Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose by Soundgarden immediately come to mind. Creep by Radiohead as well.


Registered Member
Hotel California by Eagles
Oh the Road Again by Bob Seger
Lady by Little River Band
Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Long Way Home by Supertramp
Roxanne by Police


Registered Member
"Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith. The most ridiculously stupid song Iv ever heard, but I love country and I love drinking. And its pretty catchy


"Marvin's Room" - Drake
"Tonight" - FM Static
"Changes" - Tupac
"Hypnotize" - Biggie

If any of those come on, I can't help but sing along. Especially with a little no-no juice in me. Ha.