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songs to help you through a break up?


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my boyfriend and i have recently broken up, anyone got any good song choices to help me through this?

thanks :D


Are you more interested in songs that cheer you up or others that are about break ups just like yours?


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to be honest im not sure what will help, i will take suggestions for happy, angry, sad etc. i will try anything just now


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Depends on if it is more of a 'don't want you back' or a 'i wish you were still mine' attitude. Here are a few songs from both, starting with my list that I like to call 'Good f'ing Bye'.

Finding Myself - Smile Empty Soul
Goodbye to you - Breaking Point
Radio - Alkaline Trio
Stupid Kid - Alkaline Trio

Here are a few from my other playlist titled 'Return'

Back to Me - AAR
Me With No You - Bowling For Soup
The Rescue - American Hi-Fi
What If We Could - Blue October


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
During a break-up, I think we go through that 5 stages of grief: denial.isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

I listen to different songs with those themes. After all, you just can't really move on to being ok with the break up unless you accept that you're sad about it and all those other feelings.

If you have to listen to All by Myself (celine dion) or Can't Live without you (mariah carey) and cry, why not? It's cathartic.

My fave anger song would be: You Oughta Know - alanis morissette

She also has Simple Together - all the "I thought we'd be like this but I was mistaken" thoughts.

Acceptance song: Someone like you - adele (well just because it happened to fit my story too)

I don't know if "I will survive" is a denial or acceptance song. :lol:

All American Rejects has a nice song: It Ends tonight.

If you're feeling hopeless, you can listen to REM's Everybody Hurts.


living on the border
The songs that I listened to after my break up with the boyfriend that I had before the last 2, are:

Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
25 to Life - Eminem
Let Me In - Eyes Set to Kill

and some other, but those were the main ones