Songs and moods.


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Do you listen to music to match your mood?

I always do, if i'm feeling sad i put slow music one, make myself feel worse sometimes. When i've had a good day i'll put something on to match that mood too.
Don't know why i do this as alot of the time when i'm feeling down i make myself feel 10 times worse, maybe if i put something uplifting on i would feel better.


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I think we have a thread like this, but anyways..

It just depends..I do.. but sometimes songs put me in moods. Like hardcore songs make me want to fuck shit up.. sad songs chill me out
I only really match music with my mood if its in the right place, right time. Mostly when I feel sad and its late and I don't want to go to bed I'll listen to stuff to make me even sadder. I guess mainly because then I'll start thinking about whatevers upsetting me so it gets it off my chest and I won't think about it as much when I go to bed.

If that makes aany sense at all lol...


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I definitely do.
I listen to songs that have certain memories to them when I'm feeling sappy. I listen to R&B when I'm in the mood to dance or be silly. When I went to school I used to listen to techno every morning before class to get me pumped. haha. I listen to metal when I feel like being hardcore. Hahaha. :D
And also, different songs can put me in different moods as well. The song Wonderwall by Oasis often make me sad, because of a memory that is attached to it. However in the same way sometimes it makes me really happy.