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Song Help


Well-Known Member
Ok, this has been bothering me. I am trying to find the artist and name of this song. I only know one part of the lyric and know that a female sings it and the song is an oldie. "Hold me in your arms, and tell me that you love me" The lyric went something like that and to me, the tune sounds like a Christmas song too but it's not a Christmas song. If anyone can help, that would be great.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Can't say that I have heard it but I do know how frustrating that can be when you can't find a song you like. There are still a few songs I've liked in the past that I've never found yet. Luckily I totally forgot how they go by now so it doesn't bug me much now. :D


New Member
Hi dragon, when you say "oldies" do you mean the original sounds from the 50s ? because some people consider oldies now to be my generation: the 80s. LOL :sick: where did u originally hear it from, the radio or maybe during a wedding?
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