Sometimes I think my college annoys us on purpose

As someone who's currently in school I know all too well by now that our college messes up and it comes at your (meaning the student) expense. And me being a junior I'm pretty much expecting something else to go wrong before the school year is over.

At the moment, though I'm not the one suffering, it's my younger sister, who is now a starting freshman at the same school. See I just found out that her schedule was dropped and there's a hold on her financial aid, because the financial aid office didn't get her tuition. Problem is, tuition was paid almost a month ago which leads me to believe that the office lost the papers.

I keep telling myself that this happens everywhere else but that just doesn't make me, or anyone else feel better.


Living on the 0th floor
This just happend to my boyfriend. The financial aid office didn't tell him he needed to fill out some more papers because his parents made signficantly less than they did last year, so we turned it in and they did not get it put in on time for him to sign up for classes.. so now he has a semester off and we are hoping they don't make him start paying for his loans. =(
Actually something very similar happened to two of my friends in the past two years, Both of them were informed about a week or so before classes for the quarter began that their financial aid wasn't paid for some reason and they were un-enrolled from Ohio State for the quarter. One was still living in the dorms at the time and he was forced to move out in the middle of the school year.

Sometimes you have to wonder how an institution that is supposed to employ intelligent people can be so stupid.
They're lazy one half of the time and incompetent the other half, and some of them complain about their jobs too much. I remember my freshman year 3 weeks before I had to move on campus they "lost" my resident life form and I almost didn't get a room but then a week later it popped back up and I got a better room than I was originally gonna get.

Worse is that every year hordes of freshman lose their room assignments because of that nonsense.


Living on the 0th floor
That's terrible, but it's financial aid and I don't expect no less from them.
Yeah i never realized how much some schools can suck. My school is all over you about making sure your financial aid and loans are in place.. and my boyfriends school didn't even turn his in on time.. Lame.