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Sometimes I Miss the Old Stuff


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Ever since getting a DVD player as well as a DVR, I've been enjoying DVD's of new stuff as well as old stuff that I haven't seen in a while. I even have fun rewinding stuff on television. However, even though I never bothered with VCRs again after my very last one in my bedroom was fried to due a Lightning storm back in November of 2004, I have started to miss them a bit, because I only have one bought cassette tape of a very rare cartoon special from my childhood in which they haven't put in DVD form. I've had it since Christmas of 2002 and watched it until the Summer of 2006, when the very last VCR in the house, the one in the living room, was disconnected and replaced with a DVR.

Man those were the days.


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I still have a VCR, I'm such a videophile that I refuse to watch almost anything on it. I can understand the nostalgic effect though, that's a special feeling that can't be replaced by anything else. I get this way with old technology too, I force myself to let go though.

I've been wanting to build an oldschool computer for quite some time now (lots of games I have that I can't play), I've missed the old stuff but honestly a lot of the newer games I have are much better.

I do have tons of classic video game consoles. Whenever I'm feeling nostalgic it's usually my first response to simply hook one up and go for a few hours. Always does the trick. :)

Yes, those were the days.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't really miss VCR's at all. Rewinding was always kind of a pain, plus the tape deteriorates over time.

I kind of miss the old video game consoles. I still have them and play them occasionally, but I wish the newer consoles had the same simplicity. Just stick in a cartridge and play.


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What I liked about the old vcr's was you put the tape in and select record. Then when you watched that all you had to do to record over it was put the tape in and hit record.

Which the old tapes were more expensive than DVD's and required more space for storage. Plus sometimes they were ate by the machine.


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You want to know something Hilander? The reason why my VCR's stopped working was because my tapes did get eaten! Most of the tapes that got eaten had My Little Pony (the 1980s version, that is) on there. I guess my tape player hated that show!


I still have a VCR well it is a DVD /VCR combo unit but I need to buy a few VCR's because I have about 300 VCR tapes


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Yeah, I don't miss any of that shit. Anything you did on a VCR, you can do with a click of a button on a DVR/PVR. I suppose I can understand the nostalgic appeal, though.

The only thing I miss is shit like POGS, Nano Pets and Stretch Armstrongs... and I'm pretty sure that's just because a small part of me will always be a 7 year old that refuses to grow up.