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something different!


New Member
hey guys! I want something different! I don't want kissing or sex on my first date, I need times for knowledge you. if I meet boy-man on site I really need time for phone intercourse before your first date. and for me it means weeks... is it long for you? why? I cann't understand! why you need sex or sexual games, but not real person who I am.


Secret Agent
Staff member
There's nothing wrong with getting to know somebody before going out. Otherwise the date is just a waste of time if it doesn't end up working out.

If a guy can't wait a few weeks before the first date then he's probably not worth waiting for anyway.


New Member
thank you, Andrew, for undersanding. you know, right now I have discussion with some man by email. he want all quickly: first date, first face-to-face. but... but it's hard to me! I need time for my first date, especially if I met this person not in "real life". how I can trust this man? I must know him, know his interests and habit, his ideas and etc. this man: "it too hard to me!" but easy way doesn't mean good way. he told me, he met girl in club and spent night with she. and her first question in the morning was: "hey, what your name?". he was sadly. but... it was easy way! so? so he want? wherever!


New Member
Andrew, yesterday evening (and part of night) I had discusion with man, whch met on internet site. we had 2 days of phone's talking, but he want met me in real life. its too fast to me! "don't looking for easy way" - I said. "but I don't want hard way on my life" - was his answer. before this he told me story. he met girl in club and they spent nigth. after this in the morning she ask him "hey! what your name?". I remind him this story "its was easy was. but you think you want this again?"
so, I don't know will we continion our (some) relathionship. but 2 days (and weeks too!) very fast to me! in past (if I met man not in rel life) I spent lomg time, had phone talking and it mad me know this person better. and I didn't see some man few mounths (5-6), only spoke with him on internet or phone (but his office weer not far from my house) and after this we had relationship during 3 years. this is my way!


Food Whore
I completely agree with you, Russian. (whenever i have the opportunity), i like to get to know a person before we go out, or go any farther. I like to see if we actually will work together, and that we won't get into too many fights about different things. And as they say, patience is a virtue.


I pwn noobs
I have to say guys honestly are pigs. We can't help it we dont want to just imagine what you look like we want to see it. As far as meeting someone fast after meeting them online i would say your 6 month rule is very fair. I mean anyone can just pretend to be someone and it would be extremely difficult to trust someone that you had just known online and talked twice on the phone with. I say that you go with what worked for you in the past. Well thats my 2 cents.

Good luck!!!!


New Member
Im a guy and I had a chance to start dating a girl after meeting her after a month or so.Waited for almost a year....thought she'd stick with me if she still had a interest in me after waiting so long....I was wrong so I don't know what to do next time Im interested in a girl.


A Darker Knight
Well it's different for everybody, although I definitely agree with actually getting to know someone before dating.

For me, it might take a while longer than most people, since I am a little harder to get to fully know.

If this internet guy wants to meet you this quickly, you should back off. He might be a creep.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It can take me anywhere from a week or two, up to several months depending on the person I'm courting/dating. I really hate then they tease you with sex, or sex acts, and then nothing comes and they have sex with someone else. That's only happened to me once in my past, but a similar situation came up recently and I found it relevant.