Something awful happened today.


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I am really upset and angry right now. :cry: Our new house mate moved in not too long ago and shortly after he moved in he got a puppy, she is the sweetest most adorable little thing. When I met him I felt warning signs coming from him, I don't trust him and he seems quite aggressive.

He yells at his puppy like I don't know what, he screams at her and pulls her about and most of the day he locks her in a kennel the size of a cat carrier, she can't turn round in it. She cries and cries all day, I have tried to talk to him a few times but honestly the guy scares me and I am on my own with him in the house all day. I said to Danny that I think he will badly hurt his puppy, the signs are there and then 2 nights ago he said to r1p that he beats his dog because she goes to the toilet on his carpets. I try and let her out when he isn't here so she can get some love and attention, she is such a sweet puppy. She is terrified of him, every time he goes near her she cowers and has her tail between her legs and she will try and run away, it breaks my heart.

For a while now I have been thinking about calling animal services to try and do something to get the puppy away from him but now it's too late and I feel as if it's partly my fault. Today he came down into my basement and he said to me "I just broke my dogs leg and I had to go to the Vet". I was horrified. Not too long before this I heard our house mate yet again screaming at his dog and then I heard the puppy yelping and screaming, I felt so sad and helpless just like the puppy. It turns out he threw his puppy at the wall and she broke her leg!!! I said to him calmly that he can't do that to his dog, she is only a puppy and I said it's a felony to hurt an animal like that. He said that he doesn't care and that she pissed on his floor and it's not his fault, he raised his voice at me. I wish I was a great big bloke like he is and I would wipe the floor with his piece of shit ass!!!! (sorry he hurt an animal and it's despicable).

So Danny (R1p) called animal services at work and they want to come round they said they can't prosecute as no one actually saw him do it but they can find other reasons to seize the dog, plus it wouldn't be wise if he knew we reported him as he is violent and he might hurt me. I am hoping to God that this man will be sent to jail and that his puppy taken from him, it rips my heart apart. I feel as if I should have done more, the puppy isn't very old at all, I wish that I had acted sooner. At least he didn't kill her but I fear that if she isn't taken from him then he might very well do that, this is a man that told me he used to shoot cats with bb guns!

Sorry it's long I wanted to get it out of my system, I am a huge animal lover and I am really sad that this has happened, I just hope the Police can do something, they want to investigate and they said they will try but there is no witnesses even though he told me what he did to her.


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Wow. Hope things turn out alright for you guys and the dog.

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With your housemate - what's the situation with that? Do you guys own the place, and rent out a room? Are you all renting rooms from someone else?

If you have any say in who your future housemates are (whether you own the place, or at least get some input with the owner), you might consider a more thorough background check on any future housemates.

My dad's rents out a condo (and has rented out a room in our house in the past). Apparently, a large number of the owners don't learn much about the people they're going to be renting to. You don't want to have to deal with tenants who won't pay their rent, or who trash the place, or who beat up their pets (and if you're living with them, you don't want them to steal your stuff or anything).

There are a lot of things you can look into - let me know if you want more info on that.


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Thank you Wade I appreciate that.

The situation is kind of long but cutting a long story short we rent a town home and our best friend (who is no longer our friend because he really screwed us over) rented the top of the house and myself and Danny have the basement. Our friend moved out and our present house mate took over the lease and he should have already had a background check by the company that owns the complex.

We are told that any disputes we have with other tenants have to be solved with each other and it's not the responsibility of the owners/management. At the time we had no control who rented the rooms upstairs because rent was due and we couldn't pay it all on our own.

I really don't know what to do about the situation?


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I'm not as big of an animal lover as you OP, but that kind of thing makes me angry too.
Its hard to say what to do as I'm not involved.
I guess you could try this - Offer him money for the dog and buy it. Make him an offer he can't refuse. Its obviously a pain in arse for him to have a dog and he'd be happy to see it go from what I hear. That'd be my solution, "you don't want it, I'll have it. I'll pay $100 for it".
Short of that, animal welfare, failing that, those news shows like 60 minutes thrive on this stuff - especially when the authorities won't do a thing.


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It's possible that the ownership just doesn't want to get involved with disagreements, but that when something illegal is going on, they'd be willing to help.


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As difficult as this would be, is there any way you can take a picture of a video of the dog? Someone needs to come and take the poor thing away and the poor excuse for a human being you live with (not r1p ;)) needs to go to prison. I hate animal cruelty.


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Cyber that's a great idea, since he got the puppy for free he would accept money but we can't actually afford to take on another pet right now, we have our own dog and cats. We are trying to sort it out with animal welfare and we will be calling them again later today.

Wade I am not sure if they would be willing to help all they really care about is rent being paid and that no drug dealers live in the complex. I did go to the manager before this happened and said to her that I am worried about his puppy and her living conditions but all the manager said was it's not her responsibility to tell people how to care for their animals.

Altanz I have been thinking about that myself but I really don't have any idea, I haven't spoken to him or seen the puppy since although I know he has been in the house. I am hoping that maybe the vet will realize that the puppy has been abused and call the authorities, I only wish that I knew which vet he had taken her too?

Right now my fear of being in this house has gone right up, I am in this house all day on my own until late at night with a man that I am scared of and do not trust one bit he also brings other people into the house and I hate hearing him shouting. I have a massive knife next to me and also the prospect that I cannot go to sleep, I have woken up in the past with the bloke in my basement. He is ex military and he has so many weapons in his rooms upstairs you wouldn't believe, at least I don't think he has guns? I want to crawl under a huge rock and hide.
As difficult as this would be, is there any way you can take a picture of a video of the dog? Someone needs to come and take the poor thing away and the poor excuse for a human being you live with (not r1p ;)) needs to go to prison. I hate animal cruelty.
Yes that has been my idea but the puppy isn't even in the house right now.
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As difficult as this would be, is there any way you can take a picture of a video of the dog? Someone needs to come and take the poor thing away and the poor excuse for a human being you live with (not r1p ;)) needs to go to prison. I hate animal cruelty.
I was going to say video as well.

Can you set up a camera somewhere so he doesn't see it? Then you can catch him in the act and have evidence.


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Just reading this makes me want to beat the shit out of the guy.

First, you need to document somehow whether it be video or tapes of him yelling at the dog. You need to put pressure on animal control to do something.

Secondly, you need to review the lease agreement. You may be able to kick him out or you may be able to get out of the lease based on this guy's behavior. You may have a defense of constructive eviction if you decide to get out and break the lease, I'm assuming you don't want to be living with that piece of scum. However, I'm also assuming you don't want to leave if the dog is still there since you all are the only ones defending it.

The best thing you can do is keep putting pressure on the authorities to do something about the dog, somehow kick him out or you get out, and keep the dog if you can.