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Someone's stolen my 50p


Registered Member
How much money could someone steal from you before you actually noticed it was gone?

I mean, would you miss 10 pence?
Would a fiver go astray without your knowledge?
Could someone nick £20 without you noticing?
At what limit would you actually start to think 'ayup, someone's robbed me here'.

How closely do you pay attention to the dosh you've got on you?


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I think a fiver could go missing for me and I wouldn't think someone had robbed me, because sometimes you think you have something like that, but you actually don't or you leave it in a jacket pocket.
I think if someone nicked a tenner, then I'd start to think................. wtf happend here?


still nobody's bitch
I keep track of all my bills, but not the change, although I usually have an idea of whether I have a lot of change in my wallet or not.


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I'm pretty much broke all the time, so I'd know if something was missing from me. But I wouldn't generally jump to conclusion and say that someone "stole" it from me, even though I am fairly organized with my money. Say, if more than 20 bucks went missing, then I'd get suspicious. I wouldn't call someone out unless I knew for sure.


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I don't carry cash usually. If I did, I'll only notice it's missing (any amount) when I need it.


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Prolly if more than $50 was missing. I'm always leaving twenties in coat pockets, on the floor, or in a shoe so I'd prolly just think I left the money somewhere and forgot where i put it. But if it was like a hundred or more, i dont think i'd leave that much in weird places. But nobody ever steals from me so I wouldn't think that.


I pretty much always know how much cash I have on me. Granted, it's usually made easier by the fact it's generally $0. As for what's lying around my room, it varies. Sometimes there is a decent amount of cash, like when my one room mate who doesn't have checks gives me the money he owes me. At that time it would be slightly easier for me to not notice until I was at the bank counting it to deposit it. As for change, I always know how many quarters I have. Other than that, I just have a big cup I drop all my other change in.


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I'd probably notice if anything more than 20 was missing. I'm always forgetting spending 10s and 5s, so I would just think i'd spent it somewhere


New Member
Any coins I would not notice however if it was notes then I would notice that it was missing. However I don't really carry money anyways, I rather use my card which I most definitely would notice if it got stollen/misplaced.:lol: