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NES Someone Help Pleeaseesesdfsv


New Member
ok so i was at the gamecrazy i used to work at yesterday and they had the ever rare jedi outcast 2 for gamecube at 12 bucks used, and i was dumb enough to say that id come back the next day and get it well i came back today and it was sold,and tips on where i could find it other than ebay,like a real online store that has it cheaper than 30 bucks?


Registered Member
sorry, other than ebay you are 'SoL'

NEVER pass up a bargin at a store, it will most likey be gone when you go back. (as proven by your mistake)

Im sorry to say it, but your best bet is ebay! look for misspellings of the game, or listed in the wrong area and snipe it. Ive come across alot of items I want listed in wrong areas, and got the dirt cheap.