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Someone close to you


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Is there someone that you are close to and you consider them like another family member?

My cousin's mom passed away when she was a baby and sadly, her dad was a coward and ran off after my aunt passed away and left his responsibilities to my uncles, aunts and grandma. Its sad to see her not growing up with a parent and i have adopted her as my sister and she looks up to my mom as a mother. We both live on opposite sides of the world and i spoke to her today for the first time in many years and i made her laugh like i usually do. We do send emails and facebook each other. My mom is currently visiting her and im sure her and my mom will have a great time together.


There's nobody close to me that I consider my family.
My family is the one that is my family for real and some of my relatives that live nearby. I don't think I'll have a second family like the one I already have.


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I salute you for your heart! My neighbors used to be my family when I was growing up. I am only child, and my father wasn't around that much to feel like family, my cousins lived far away, and seriously, my neighbors that I grew up where my family. I think some people don't understand how important is the human connection. Sometimes actual parents or siblings hurt you more than other people. I would not love someone for the title, just because they are my cousins, means nothing if you have no connection.


Sally Twit
A friend of mine lost her mother last year and we've always been close. We grew up together and would often pretend we were sisters. I was always close with her parents and she was always close with mine. When her mother passed away she was comforted by my mum. They shared a very moving cuddle and my mum was sort of gently patting her as well. It was very sad.