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Someone called a doctor?


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I saw my doctor on the news today and it wasn't good at all. He got arrested for drug charges for illegally selling painkillers for cash from his three northeast offices. I seen him in 2004 and got a blood test and never got the results. I even called a few weeks later and still no results. By then I was preoccupied about getting my surgery done. They said I will get the results by mail and I never even got that. Now I think my money went towards his drug operation. I plan on contacting a lawyer because there may be victims like me.


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You know what Dragon?? You are only 1 state away from me, and I am 90% positive I saw this on the news, that is just so crazy.


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Wow that is crazy! That's unfortunate too that he felt he had to do that.. I mean come on. Doctors make well enough money already. All that training and school he went through and now he probably won't be able to practice medicide anymore most likely. Big mistake. It's sad but it was his decision. Now he has to face the consequences.