Somebody Help Me! Pls. Answer My Question...


Can somebody give your top two priorities for improving the technology infrastracture and in general, how do you feel about security of data versus the importance of Internet Access???

Kindly answer my questions, thanks for your time answering it... :cute: ;) :)


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I'd rather have less networking and more security. For example, I'll never use those websites that let you share your files with other people you are working with to "collaborate" your efforts. I think it's only a matter of time before a lot of confidential data is leaked or stolen from one of those places.

I also refuse to use for this same reason.
I would pick access over security any day. Admittedly I don't use online banking or have any bank details etc on my computer but I am not afraid of viruses and the like. I removed all my virus and popup blocking software because it simply got annoying. I also format my computer every 6 months-12 months to remove n crap on there.