Somebody got me an interview!


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I received a couple of emails and phone calls from a morning show host in Boston...he wants to put me on air Thursday morning..HA! Who'da thunk it? It's the Zito & Jen show in the morning from Boston. The station is 104.5 XLO if anybody is interested. I'm very excited! I spoke to him today and he told me that someone had emailed him about my auction so, whoever that was "Thankee very much!" (now I've just gotta wake up at 5AM :eek:hno: !)


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#3's pulled.. :(

why did they pull my auction... I can't repost it because its gone! how do I repost it? Is it somewhere? I want to fix it and put it back... Somebody? help me.


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Unfortunantly you'll have to repost it from scratch! They pulled mine also at first, they broke charity rules!

Let me know when you get it back up!!

That is just not fair when they do that either and you had bids!! I wonder what the reason was for? They should of sent you an email telling you why it was pulled.
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the usuall email I'm sure. Look at the regs and that stuff. No real help at all in knowing what was wrong...but IM BACK!! and tomorrows radio interview should help get things back on track. also only going for 3 days..try the stealth approach.


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Good luck with the interview, and remember, ALWAYS SAVE YOUR AUCTION TEXT TO YOUR COMPUTER! That would be the worst thing to just lose it all. :(