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Some useful information when dealing with malware.


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Today, I noticed some odd-looking pop-up windows that appeared on my screen. They appeared to be part of an anti-virus program called "Win 7 Security". I looked at them and immediately recognized that it was malware, probably planting a trojan. I immediately held down the power button on my computer to kill the power.

After powering my computer back up, it switched my default browser. I later found out that this particular blend of malware switches the default browser to Internet Explorer in order to give you fake security alerts. I first looked at a website on how to get rid of it, and then I consulted my father, who had dealt with this exact same situation several days before at his office. He told me to install Malwarebytes, just like the site had said. However, this malware prevents you from running the installation process of Malwarebytes, so recalled the method he used to remove this malware from his computer. He had previously installed a program called Advanced SystemCare, as had I. Advanced SystemCare would have done nothing about this malware specifically, but through a certain function, it allowed me to install Malwarebytes and remove the malware.

Advanced SystemCare adds an option to the menu when you right-click on an installer icon, labeled "Boost with Advanced SystemCare". With this option, the Malwarebytes installer was permitted to operate on my computer, and my computer was saved from a potentially costly run-in with computer hackers.

Just an important tip.


To stop/block ANY Malware or Trojans or Viruses or Adware from your computer I use AVAST! and it is free.

I also scan using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it rocks !!!


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does it say you have about 20 viruses (7 in my documents, 3 in downloads, 10 in C drive)? it might not be those exact folders, something similar (possibly even the same) said i had 7 infections in one folder, 3 in another, and 10 in C:\ (i am pretty sure it was 10 in C:\). the number of infections was displayed in red, flashing font. it then came up with a 'message box'. listing the infections, and prompting you to download an antivirus program (can't remember what it was called). i fell for it the first time. clicking several times before realising the entire 'message box' (including the close button) was just one big link. they weren't buttons. it was actually an image with a link to a site to download viruses.
anyway. i closed the site, downloaded avg 2011. i ran a full scan.


hash (#) represents severity
####severe security risk

few weeks later, my laptop died.
it wouldn't startup properly. the reason: corrupted startup file.

startup files are files that are required for the computer to startup, hence the name startup file.

if you don't know what corrupt means think of an electronic device. you all know it has internal parts, plural, right? well, take out one of those parts, and the electronic device will not work.

same with files. this startup file was broken, and wouldn't work.

this was probably caused by the so called "security alert"

anything that seams similar to this, DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING. run up to date antivirus.


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Thanks for these useful tips,
In my opinion 99% of malware attacks are mitigated by defensive browsing and sensible use of e-mail clients. But I actually don't know how to deal with them.


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Thanks for this useful information I really was facing these problems with malware Hopefully your suggestions will help me sort out things easily...thanks


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Thank you very much for the info. Nowadays its really dangerous to use net. We don't which site may contain harmful malware. So we need to be very careful while using them.


I also run Spybot and Adaware SE Personal as stated above AVAST! will BLOCK all Trojans, Viruses as it will have a popup stating that a Trojan has been blocked or it will say a Virus has been blocked and I use the free version and it auto updates when an update is available .

Pay no attention to those commercials on TV about websites that claim that can speed up your PC as they ONLY scan you have to pay to fix the so called problems the scans find.


I deal with this problem about once a month.

Someone will see a pop up that says "OMG!!!!1! YOU TOTES HAVE VIRUZS" and they will download it and then bam! It takes over everything.

These fake anti-virus programs are horribly difficult to get rid of. There is a way to confuse the virus though.

Restart your computer and go into the BIOS, pressing F8 or Delete to get there, and change the time and date of your machine. When you get to your desktop the virus will be confused and won't start up. Then you can run your own anti-virus software to get rid of it.

However the best way to avoid this all together is to simply google search the anti-virus you're about to download.


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Thanks! :) Your information and tips saved my PC from 25 malware/spyware apps this morning that I didn't even know I had. I got the last one last night when I clicked on a Firefox important update that popped up.

Btw, if an "important" Firefox update suddenly pops up in another tab while you're online, letting you know that your security may be threatened, be VERY VERY suspicious. The one I clicked on was pop-up malware/spyware.