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Some random pics


Registered Member
Uploaded some hopefully decent pics to not make tucker feel so alone with uploading pics. don't expect anything fancy just a new started photograph so stil in the learning periode



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The baby sure is adorable :)
But the city lights....very impressive!


LOL . look at my set guys. Provided by k3rmor's pictures :D


I ♥ Haters
These two are definitely my favorites. Especially the 2nd one.

I like the skater one because, well, I have a soft spot for skaters. A Ferrarri won't turn my head, but a skateboard... :lol:


Lion Rampant
Thanks for not leaving me twisting out there alone, haha. I'm just learning the art of photography myself, but as I've said before on Skype, I think you have an eye for it. And dude, that kebab pic made me sooo hungry. Keep at it and have fun at it!