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Some pics I would like to share


Lion Rampant
Oh, I didn't see these pics before. I think they're pretty interesting. Where were they taken, Kanji?


Registered Member
Kanji, I know you mentioned to me that you were from Tennessee as well.....and I've got tot tell ya, those mountains in the background, look pretty familiar~
And the big yard with the house looks nice..but the rusty truck and junk piled up, those look like a definite redneck place ~LoL~


Registered Member
The pics where taken around the area where I live in Dowelltown, TN. There are a lot of rednecks where I live. That big yard or field belongs to my parents, and the motorcycle and other junk belongs to my brother. And I'm a few years older than that bridge.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Great pics, Kanji! A nice piece of Americana.

I look forward to seeing more, sometime.