Some photos that I took.


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Here are some photos that I took while out walking or on day trips.

Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds.

The old and the new.

Whitby Harbour.

Whitby Harbour again.

Local: River Colne

Local: A hazy day on Marsden Moors.

Local: Tunnel End at Marsden.

Local: Marsden Moors.

Local: Marsden Moors.

Morning frost.

Local: Marsden Moors.

Local: Slaithwaite

Local: Slithwaite

Local: Marsden Moors.

Local: Marsden Moors.

Local: Marsden Moors.

Local: Marsden Moors. There is a sheer drop behind that animal.

Hull Quayside.

Local: Huddersfield Railway Station.

A foggy day at Clapham, North Yorkshire.

Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. The fog is coming down fast.

Clapham, North Yorkshire.

Clapham, North Yorkshire.

Local: An old textile mill at Marsden.

Local: Saddleworth Moors.

Local: Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

An old derelict building on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
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lol, all done now. I hadn't realised it was putting them all in the same post. :shocked:

Yeah hiking is a good way to chill. :)


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I would agree with Angels, those are definitely great pictures. My favorite is probably the one with the Airplane in the sky, for some reason I just love it.

I also like the picture of Marsden Moors, you seem to have a great talent at taking pictures.
Some really great photos you got there! Cool, I was in Kirkstall last week. (Living in Leeds)

& I love the Hudds Railway Station :) Anyway, good stuff.


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Oh what fantastic pictures, Yorkie- thank you for sharing them with us!
...Looks like you've got knack for photography. :)

Looking forward to the next batch you post up!


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Wow, I mean those are breathtaking. I love the ones with the ice. I love snow and ice and winter, as you cant tell arcticwolf the arctic, lol.