some people are just stupid!!!!


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y do they always fall in love with someone when they know they are with someone else knowing they arent goin to leave them...

really can it be real love???

and then even more stupid is they end up with a child with them thinking that its never going to happen again...

stupid people!!!


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I agree u cant help who u fall in love with but how can u fall in love with someone when they arent giving u their whole self?

Its not something that can be explained. One of my exes ha admitted that he feels that way about me, and even though I dont understand it, I accept it, and I accept that there is nothing I can do about it.

Just because the person isnt giving you their whole self doesnt mean that you cant love them. Its just going to hurt that they dont love you back.


y do they always fall in love with someone when they know they are with someone else knowing they aren't going to leave them...stupid people!!!
first off, you can't control who you fall in love with. if i fall in love with your boyfriend is not my fault, is not your fault, is not his fault, is not anyone else's fault. you can't stop me from falling in love with him, and this doesn't make me stupid. no one has the right to stop me from feeling for him.

BUT my conscience should stop me from going further than this. which means, i know he's in a relationship so i shouldn't tolerate myself if i kiss/have sex with him. hence, i have no right to get into something more with him..when knowing that he has a partner and is in a relationship.

acting would make me stupid. ..
falling in love, no!


I just dont feel that it can be real love...if u dont really kno the person
the fact that the other person is in a relationship doesn't mean i don't know him.
let's say i have a male friend for years now..., he's in a relationship. .and i strongly feel for him .. bu this doesn't mean i don't know him and or that it's not real love ....
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Does anyone ever really show you their full self until you're in a relationship though? Of course you can fall in love with someone who is already taken. Just because they don't love you back doesn't mean you can't feel love for them.


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thats something total diffrent that what i am talking about...u have been friends with him for years so u do kno talkin bout just meeting someone and knowing they are in a relationship u arent getting enough of them to fall in love. u are just gettign a few mins of there time when they can get away or a quick phone call...and for it only to be a short time and say i love u isnt real...IMO