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Some of what I've been doing lately


still nobody's bitch
I picked up drawing a couple of months ago. Here are a few doodles I've made



Son of Liberty
Wow, those are really nice. Did you just pick up drawing recently? Have you taken any classes before?


Sally Twit
I love all of them as you know, but the third is definitely my favourite. I want those flowers to exist!
Keep it up as you have a good eye for detail. It can only get better.


Registered Member
Those are very nice. :)


still nobody's bitch
Thanks guys. :)

I was at my sister's one night not too long ago and I was really bored, and she had this book on doodling so I tried my hand at it, and the second pic is what I did that night. I was pretty amazed at how good it made me feel, not just because I liked the way it looks but the sense of accomplishment and the focus that it took to get it done.

So I went out and bought a decent set of pens, and my sister got me a copy of that same book as a Christmas gift along with some nice drawing paper.

The second and third ones were done with colored pencil


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Great work, Jeanie! I love the common style that translates to your different works.


yellow 4!
Love them! They're quite refreshing somehow. I suppose you don't often see good quality doodles drawn like that. The green one at the end is my favourite; must have taken a fair bit of patience.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Great work, all are good but I really like the third one. You are a natural.