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Some of my poems..


Registered Member
Here are some of my writings.. enjoy.


I pour some vodka, more and more
I drink this shit because I'm fucking poor
No Hennessy, no fucking whores
A handle today, tomorrow more
I don't care if you like to drink
I'll eat your shit if it's colored pink
No condoms here, it's time to dive
In the night we learn to thrive
Society is nothing more
Than a scandalous gold digging whore
I live today, die tomorrow
Don't expect any sorrow
Under the dirt I'll dream again
Kicking it with leagues of dead men
If the world can be saved
It's not by governments in which the path will be paved
Fuck it man, Anonymous will save the day
Hackers will control our virtual realities
Pushing back our newly shaped boundaries
Closing in there's nothing right
For everything is wrong tonight
People fighting, fucking, starving
Human atrocities are blinding
Will we live to change our future
Or settle for sewing up the suture


Zombies boredom and beat downs oh my!

Trying to kill some time
So I’m writing this rhyme
If only I could make some phat beats to chime
This shit would graduate to lyrical slime
Infect your brain and takeover your mind
You’ll make like a zombie for my slayers to find
Decapitation in progress
Operation was a success
I’ll notify your parents of your demise
Bet your ass that I’ll be showing up there in disguise
When they panic and try to lock the door
I’ll kick it in, smash it to the floor
Don’t worry I won’t kill them though
Just give your daddy a beat down and shove mommy through the window
Another day in the life of zombie hunting thug
Time to kick back and toke up a kryptonite nug


What it is to burn

Black heart
Black night
Torn apart
Make it right
Will these feelings ever dissolve?
Creating more problems that I don’t want to solve
Am I lost falling into a black hole?
My aim is off and I’m missing my goal
Digging trenches to defend my heart
Foolishly waiting for a new start
I’m putting off things that I need to do
I’ve bought into idiocracy and am still thinking of you
I’m definitely not okay
But if you ask me, that’s not what I’ll say
Another day, another dollar
Another drink to make my mind smaller
Breathing in all this cancer
Playing this game has turned me into a pitiful dancer
For my question you give no answer
I realize now that I won’t get my way
In another life you might have stayed
Karma has wrapped it’s fingers around my neck
Suffocating me, putting me in check
It’s clear to me that this is fate
Trying not to let discontent breed hate
When I rise tomorrow will these emotions still follow?
Most likely they will and I will awake to wallow
At least I know in my core that I am not hollow
Still this experience has been a bitter pill to swallow
In the end there is a lesson for me to learn
Be careful what you invest in lest for it you burn


Rise and Shine

Rise and shine
Work overtime
And the beast too
Shall rise again
While you work he plays
While you suffer he invades
But all actions are self justified in the end


Life goes on but the memories remain

Life goes on but the memories remain
A few shots of happiness temporarily quell the pain
Tomorrow is a new day
A new chance for memories to betray
The new found happiness I wish would stay
Coming unraveled, falling apart
I grit my teeth and try to embrace a new start
A few days go by and progress looks good
But then memories resurface, emotions misunderstood
Chaos ensues, I lose control
Alcohol flows through my veins, I’m on a roll
Emotions now drowned, memories now fogged
About to pass out until memories are once again jogged
Black out holding a picture of you
The memories, they always find a way to shine through


Conversation with a bleeding heart

On my knees
World spinning and whispering to me
Memories flash through my head as I gaze up, tears pouring
The biggest heart I’ve ever seen beating rapidly, blood spewing
How did we make it to this point?
Why do we deserve to feel all this pain?
Heart keeps beating
Heart keeps bleeding
No reply
Why do they keep trying to take their lives?
How much longer can I continue wrestling away their knives?
Heart keeps beating
Heart keeps bleeding
No reply
The party has turned into a nightmare
And bred within me an undying fear
When will they die?
I drown in the blood and am silenced
Heart keeps beating
Heart keeps bleeding
No reply


The bleeding is no more, but the scars do still remain.

Lost one

Stand up and dust the dirt from your back
Find strength in who you are, find strength for what you lack
You are on a journey now, one that calls for you to clear your own path
Grounded must you be to avoid the demon's wrath
Your mind is a weapon, a double edged sword
You can either die by it or make it heed your word
Go now weary traveler, go off into the night
And when the demon calls your name, use your sword and fight


4am thoughts on life

Who really knows what the future holds?
One can have hopes, dreams, and expectations
But time is a gift, not something to be wagered on
Every moment is a gift
Cherish the experiences that you are granted
Learn to make the most out of your life
One's existence is based on a series of variables
Some of which you may control and others that you are powerless over
The light can be snuffed out at any time in this fragile state of being
Embrace your character
Play the game not for what you can receive
But for what you know you are worth
Don't allow a few rain clouds to drown you in a puddle of despair
Harness destiny by actively participating in writing the chapters of your story


You invaded everything

Erased you from my whiteboard today
That's not so easy to do with my memories,
For inside of them you are forever ingrained
Some people drink to numb the pain
You rely on work instead to get you through the day
It's not your fault, you're just built that way
Right? That's what you told me anyway
You crushed me with your words, you made me feel so small
I can't help but to keep reminiscing over and over about it all
Did you ever really care, or did I set myself up to take this fall?




Free Spirit
Staff member
You write some good stuff from the heart. I especially liked "Life goes on but memories remain," so true. It's hard to forget those memories, especially bad ones.
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