Some nice norwegian indiepop for you.. hiawata!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Dolphino, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Dolphino

    Dolphino Registered Member

    If you're into some good indievibes, then here's some nice norwegian indiepop for you.. "hiawata!" These guys will have you noddin your head like a pez dispenser in no time! :nod:

    Hiawata! is an indiepop band from Oslo, Norway. These goodvibed guys are currently out with their third album "These Boys And This Band Is All I Know"... previously they have released "They Could Have Been Bigger Than Hiawata! (2007)" and "Blacks On Blondes EP" (2008) The feature also includes a free exclusive download of the track "Valley Boys", which have been playing frequently on the radio for weeks now. Enjoy! Don't miss out!
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  2. ClairePatricia

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    Hi, anyone get to see Leonard Cohen in concert in dublin, the man is a genius!!!
  3. Dolphino

    Dolphino Registered Member

    I saw Leonard Cohen in Oslo, july 2008 at Bislet Stadium. The man is a living legend, he performed all the hits and he had some incredible backup singers! It was simply amazing..

    Did you check out the band I recommended? Hiawata!

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