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Some new speakers!


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Untangling cables is awful. It's the bane of my existence. :lol:

Update on this project. I ordered a pair of new RF-52 ii speakers today. Someone had them listed for the right price and I jumped on that. (The 62s and higher are just too expensive for me) I also get the full 5 year Klipsch warranty on these speakers when I get them. I'm just glad I have the proper power to run everything correctly

I should hopefully have everything delivered and set up by next weekend. If not then definitely the weekend after.


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And it's complete.

Let me start this off by saying that this was a very good purchase (well under $1000 for the entire thing).

Going with a receiver that I'm comfortable with as far as functionality goes was a good call.

Here's what I'm running...

L/R - Klipsch RF-52ii
C - Klipsch RC-35
SL/SR - Klipsch RS-25
SW - Klipsch KSW-10

Receiver - Marantz SR-5001
Amplifier - Harman/Kardon Citation 7.1 (THX Lucasfilm edition)
Cable - 14 gauge sleeved copper

The receiver runs 630w while the amp runs 1200w and the sub runs 230w. Technically I'm only using a max of 180w from the receiver, 900w from the amp, and all 230w from the sub just because of the way I've got it configured.

I'm running the frontstage (L C R) through the amp while the two surround speakers are running through the receiver (sub is independently powered)

I've also successfully installed a DC trigger to the amp so it powers on and off with the receiver, this is VERY nice to have.

This system sounds INCREDIBLE. I'm going to have to be sure to enjoy it once it's all done.

Just a few settings to tweak as far as +/-db levels on certain speakers go for certain settings. Generally I'm comfortable with this but there sure are a lot of options.

I haven't done any movie configuration yet but I see that coming this weekend.

Doing this project reminded me that receivers are the only things I ever read the manual for. :lol:
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Those speakers are awesome and the sound is just great,
Since you already know the model in some sorts you know you bought the right thing ;)
Good listening !