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Movies Some New, Some Old


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So, this is about movies so thus why it's here. When I have been being a lazy ass here at home, lying on the sofa doing much of nothing, I finally got to watch some of the movies that I have purchased (DVDs) but never got a chance to watch. I will say, I am happy that I did buy most of the ones I did, but there were a couple of disappointments. I have a bad habit of buying a DVD without ever having seen it, but just the previews alone let me think it will be good *ha* Anyway, I had never watched Brokeback Mountain. I finally did and I enjoyed it, thought Heath Ledger did a great job, but it was a sad movie. Another one I have and never seen was The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Oh my, that one made me cry at the end, but it is another one I like! And The Bucket List, can you believe I had never seen that one yet?? Jack Nicholsen and Morgan Freeman both did awesome jobs, in my opinion, and that is a movie I will definitely watch again. And I watched my Sandra Bullock movies, The Lake House and Premonition and The Blindside, she is one of my fave actresses!
But I was diappointed in The Hangover and Grownups. And Get Him To The Greek was eh, so so :lol:


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I need to do that too. I have lots of DVDs I haven't watched and mainly because I've been watching another way, lol, or I see movies in theatres or while I'm on a plane. Also, I moved my DVD player to the living room (I used to watch movies when I'm in bed, before going to sleep).

I love those Bullock movies but I guess you already know that. Have you seen the one with Nicole Kidman and they're witches? As for Ledger, I suggest you watch Knight's Tale (if you haven't yet).

Movies I've watched recently (in the past month):

Shallow Hal - comedy that has good lessons about liking people for their inner beauty

No strings Attached - can you have a non-attached sexual relationship? romcom

The Killing room - saw this on the plane, low budget WTF movie..it's so strange but it captures you because you want to find out what happens to this group of people who signed up for a CIA research but didn't know that the study was already ongoing (based on real human tests they've done in CIA supposedly banned already)

The Kids are alright - two lesbians with kids (one sperm donor). Kids want to meet sperm donor. Nice acting from Anette Bening.

The King's Speech - I've given my 2cts on the GF thread about this but basically I liked it.

The Next Three Days - this is good with Russel Crowe. If I remember your tastes in TV shows well, you will like this action/drama thriller movie.

Unstoppable - Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Imagine Bullock's speed but this one isn't a terrorist act, but an employee fail...they have to stop the train.

You again - comedy with kirsten bell who had an awful HS because of a bully. years later the bully is marrying her bro...so she wants to stop it.

Burlesque - musical but they don't sing the dialogues, more like it has a lot of singing and dancing because it's about a club and its performers. Cher and christina Aguilera is there.

I am #4 - Definitely not as silly as its title but it seems, towards the end that it was made with a sequel in mind so they made the story devt poorly and count on you watching that sequel. Entertaining though.


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I have a few films I have bought on DVD and are yet to watch but most I do tend to watch right away though to be fair I have mainly been buying more TV & Wrestling DVD's but I am still however yet to watch "the evil dead" in my box of the band collection, it still freaks me out thinking about watching it alone! :D

I also need to sit down and watch Ring 0 since I got the Ring Trilogy.