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Some Mini Melnyks


Creeping On You
I found this picture of my two nieces on my brother's facebook. So magical!

It's too bad my brother fucked his life up and these two are growing up in seperate foster homes right now. Although it's more Child Family Services fault. What kind of sick minded people would split siblings up, and seperate kids from their loving parents.
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Babeasaurus Sex
So beautiful <3 Thats a truly touching moment. Thanks for sharing <3


Creeping On You
Thanks kibi. It made me get all sad and teary eyed a little when I seen it.


Sally Twit
That's a really special photo. It was captured extremely well.

I'm sorry that happened. Hopefully one day they will find each other.


Mark ov teh Pond
Yeah, sibling separation is NOT cool.

It was a pretty magical day, especially for my father, when sister came home. She didn't have to spend that long in foster though. When her mother (she's a half-sister) got sent to jail for substance abuse and multiple DWI's and all that other jazz, that's when my father was able to fight for full custody and take charge. You know how that shit goes. Takes time. Social workers have to come and inspect homes, monitored visits and etc. etc.

I hope your family can find them back home and together.