Some Mental Health Professionals Have No Bedside Manner

Years ago, I saw a psychiatric nurse practitioner who had no bedside manner. He wasn't the warmest mental health professional in the world.

However, I continued to work with him because, although he had no bedside manner, he was very thorough, asked me a lot of questions, and had a lot of advice to give.

But I've found that the majority of mental health professionals are warm and friendly.

If you were seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist, would you rather work with a provider who had a lot of bedside manner? Or would you not have a preference?

Just curious.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I would rather work with someone that has a good bedside manner. I think that is important especially when it comes to mental health treatment. If someone has none how do you ever really trust them enough to open up to them. I don't think I could but each to their own.