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Some gays in military worried about repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell


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As ?Don?t Ask? Fades, Military Faces Thorny Issues - NYTimes.com

Some homosexuals in the military say they are worried about how that process will work and whether they will be treated differently if they publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation. Some raised concerns about being harassed, assigned to separate barracks or shunned by colleagues who had been friendly before.


“But the policy actually allowed for a lot of protections,” the soldier said. “Getting rid of it completely without modifying it is kind of worrisome. The number of incidents against gays in the military is going to increase.”
People are so rabid in their opposition to Don't Ask/Don't Tell that they don't stop to think about the potential consequences - not just to homophobes, but to gays (and possibly everyone else in the military too).


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Reminds me of a story I saw that concluded less handicapped people were hired after that ADA was passed.

Its my thinking that any policy should be filtered through the lens that the military does a damn good job of killing bad guys. Is any new policy going to improve the military's effectiveness? Decrease collataral damage? Any policy that has been studied and will improve the military is good. Repealing DADT may or may not, I don't know. Personally, I never thought putting women on ships in the Navy would improve the Navy, but studies I have seen lately suggest that it did and that was a good move.

Its just dumb to make a political statement about gays in the military. That's not the purpose of having an army.


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Any policy will have some people against it, even those who have the most to gain from it. We've seen this time and time again, but the gays who will benefit from it are definitely the majority.


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Gays (openly gay) in the military is no problem whatsoever in Holland. Neither is it a problem in any other section of Dutch society, including the macho sections, like the building trade. The only problem gays have here is from Moroccan immigrant youths, who harrass and even beat up gays.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but - If there is a gay soldier that is scared to come out, can't he/she just lie and say he/she is straight?

Does the old rule state that you can't ask about someone's sexuality nor can someone talk about their own?