Some funny news from TNA

I am sorry if you do not find this news funny but, it made me laugh because I could picture the whole thing.

Before Jay Lethal came out recently at an iMPACT! taping, Kevin Nash told the live crowd if they made noise for him he would donate $1,000 to charity. Jermey Borash said the same thing which got the crowd chanting his name.

There was an Xplosion match with Lethal & Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin where they were going super fast and doing zero selling. Konnan and Cornette told them to slow it down when they got backstage but they said they were told to do it by Jeff Jarrett who said the X Division should be like a video game.

TNA producer Jesse Ward likes Leticia Cline and keeps getting her into segments.

Konnan was told for the last time that Senshi cannot join LAX. They said the main reason is because they don't think he can work a non X Division/Main event style.