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Some funny info!


Registered Member
I was scrolling through the members list today and found it interesting to see who has spent the most board time here. So here is the list of the top 8 starting
at number 8.

8. Kromsale 2 days 3 hrs
7. Mr. Snipes 2 days 4 hrs
6. Wolvergambit 2 days 4 hrs
5. Nanner 2 days 14 hrs
4. Trees 3 days
3. Dragon 3 days 12 hrs
2. Darth Tator 4 days

And DRUMROLL!!!!!!!! The number 1 post and gold trophy got to:
NIGHTSURFER ----- 5 days


Registered Member
I doesnt work that way dragon. You have to be active, Im not exactly sure about the time, but after a certain ammount of time, you will time out of the forums.


Registered Member
WOW! Sounds like I need a class for addicts or something LMAO!


Registered Member
Yikes! Number 5 in time and #2 in amount of posts! No wonder when the hubby gets home he asks what I did all day :lol: Of course I'm coloring, combing ponies hair, answering "WHY"? for the 5000th time, or playing ring around the rosey or something inbetween posts...sometimes during :D Seeeee that's why the 90 second thingy between posts doesn't bother me..... :) Then again I don't sleep either so there is that nighttime addiction too.....