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Though it was OK. Polished film. Lots of good action. Plenty of Easter eggs and call-backs.

The guy playing Solo was better than I thought he’d be. Woody Harrelson was really good. Same with Donald Glover and the actor who plays Chewie.

Not a bad heist film. Just something not quite “there.”

I think there will definitely be another Han Solo movie or two. Set up the way. And now that the origin story is out if the way, there could be some better stories to tell.


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Yeah I thought it was fine. I didn't go in with much hope for it but I thought it was actually pretty good. The guy who played Han was fine...kinda expected it to be worse. So good job overall.


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Oh no kidding? He's the one getting the most praise for his role...what didn't you like?
Just didn’t like him. He seemed to be trying too hard. I didn’t think I would like the portrayal of Han (I don’t know the guys name), but he turned out ok afterall.