Soggy cereal!

So, recently (as in, about 2 minutes ago) I read that 70% of people like their cereal crunchy/crispy/non-milkified.. whatever you want to call it. I love leaving mine in milk for a while, so it goes pretty soft. I think it's much better like that and I thought most people were the same way. Obviously not.

What about you guys? Soggy or crunchy?

For those of you [weirdos] who prefer the latter, check this out. I thought it was pretty funny. Home Page


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I dont like milk, or the majority of cereal....

But i like chocolate milk and i cocoa pebbles
But if it gets soggy i will trash it and just pour myself another bowl
and once its gone i will probably pour another bowl because cocoa pebbles are "off da chain"

yea i said off da chain do something bout it muthalickas


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There's certain cereal that I do like soggy, then others not so much. I like my Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes and Special K cereal to be soggy. But when it comes to Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops and a few others I prefer them crunchy.


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I really dislike soggy cereal.
I'm not a big cereal person as it is, but having it crunchy is the way to go.


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I like it to be crunchy. I hate soggy cereal. Especially cinnamon toast crunch when it's soggy. Ughh.
I know, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch has just about the shortest half-life of any cereal there is.

Most of my cereal I like crunchy, but cocoa puffs need to be somewhere in the middle. Too crunchy tears up the roof of your mouth.

Cereal is just about my favorite food ever.