Software Reveals Armstrong's Moon Quote

That's pretty silly that people are making a big deal about it. It's one letter, that doesn't really change the meaning or dramatic effect of the phrase.


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So what, 37 years later, we finally discover for sure that Lance Armstrong wasn't lying about saying the "a"?
That's silly, Lance Armstrong wasn't even born 37 years ago . . .

But yeah, it's kind of trivial. I don't see such a big deal in this discovery.


This is very silly. And Mal, I'm pretty sure you mean Neil Armstrong, not Lance Armstrong :D


This entire thing is rather silly, and it was indeed Neil, not Lance, who uttered the statement in question.

The fact is, Neil always maintained he said "a" in that phrase. The fact that his assertion has been vindicated is rather irrelevant, and I'm sure he doesn't care himself!

It changes nothing about the event or its significance.