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Social Networking Sites


Secret Agent
Staff member
Does anybody here use sites such as Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, etc? If so, what are some of your likes and dislikes of each?

I don't use any of them currently.


Registered Member
I don't use any of them now either, and I really doubt that I'd be interested in them. Look like great ground for moronic behavior IMHO.

One thing I don't like is MySpace has a spot for you to put your "sign" (astrological) ... for some reason that just seems sleazy to me.

Maybe I'm just sooooo old that I've moved beyond that stuff. Or else I'm just too busy trying to have a life that social networking on the internet doesn't seem too important in comparison with building a social network in real life. Don't want to sound pretentious ... it's just so easy to build up a persona in those kind of places that has no basis in your reality and I don't have time (emotional time) for that kind of stuff these days.

But, if others want to spend their time there, that's great. Just, please, don't invite me :D


Registered Member
I don't use any of those either...heck, I'm lucky when I get some free time to get on here once in awhile!