Social Media anyone?


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Facebook unfortunately is my main sin, but I do use other outlets that have brought me smiles and comfort. It's the most reliable way to keep up with family scattered all over and friends from years past.

Instagram is another guilty pleasure, and I've made many friends locally and abroad, it's nice to see their lives via picture form. I don't need a lot of followers, but the ones who I do follow are active, family oriented, goofy, cosplayers, and more. It's a nice outlet.

Other than that, KIK for simple communication, Snapchat, Twitter and Pintrest are used as well, not regularly, but there none the less.

I use Facebook to stay in touch with relatives that live out of state and long time friends and old friends from the old neighborhood I grew up in. . . . . . .


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I keep feeling I am on the verge of dumping Facebook. Their policies are ridiculous - what they do with what they know about your SHOULD be a crime.

Can't get into Snapchat. I tweet a little. I Instragram only because a family member is there and nowhere else online.


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I have Facebook that I use regularly. Twitter - not so much but it's there. I don't have all the new ones like Instagram, snapchat...just don't know if I'll have time for those. In fact before I had and became active on FB, I spent most of my time on this forum (see how that suffered as my activity elsewhere grew). :)