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Social Karma


Do you believe there is Karma at work in the world (or something like it)?
If so, do you think it might apply to groups as well as individuals (i.e. Nations, Races, Communities)?
Do you think that Social Karma could supersede individual Karma?

If you believe that the idea of Social Karma might exist, what do you think are the possible implications of this for different countries or groups?

... Your thoughts?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I guess in ways it exists, it just doesn't seem to get everyone. Seems some, or countries, can keep doing bad things to people and nothing ever happens to them.


I suspect the larger the group, the longer it takes for the pendulum to change direction. However, I can easily see the bullies starting to become the bullied. Minority and special interest groups have taken the PC ball and run with it, and the US president is going spend-crazy with money the US simply doesn't have. Meanwhile, other nations are looking at abandoning the US oil dollar as the standard currency for trade, which will be the final economic nail in their coffin. Add to this the economic/social challenges of dealing with ever worsening climate and well... I don't think the US is going to be so high and mighty anymore.

- Cham


I'm serious
I wound't say I believe in karma religiously. It's not a concept I would say I follow or believe in. However, I can't deny that I see karma at work almost daily. What you give is what you get. Without considering karma, I try to always do good to people, so I could get the good back.


Registered Member
I believe in " Spirits", which is what Theist would relate to as Karma. I believe there are social spirits, ( or Karma), but I view that as being actual spirit beings who influence humanity. Where we see a lot of violence in the world, I think a lot of those Spirits are gathered there. Where we see a certain Karma in an individual, some Theist view that as a spirit in that individual. There are many spirits that I think exist, and they influence society and races more than anything else that I am aware of.

I think social Karma has already superseded individual Karma.