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My really close friend recently met a new guy. They have just been on a few dates, but she really likes him & she's wanted me to meet him, get to know him. She's asked me to come out with her where he's playing music tonight. However, I never get one on one time with her anymore- even before she met him. I'm happy to meet him, but I feel sort of nervous about even going in the first place. She did ask me out WITH HER but has been known to include her guy friends and date interests out on OUR time without even asking me if I was ok with it. It's sort of expected for me to welcome them during our time. I don't want to seem jealous but I'm afraid she will make tonight all about her. She obviously didn't ask me to join her on a "date", but I don't want it to turn into me being on a "date" with them. She INVITED ME.

I don't know the social protocol in this situation. Is there ever a time tonight where it's ok for them to be alone while I am there with my friend? Should I be expected to excuse myself, talk to strangers, or go home so they can be alone after a while? If I don't feel uncomfortable or excluded, how do I let her know? Is it ok for her to mention going out with him tonight without me? I mean, I already feel uncomfortable, but she is inviting me and seems to want me there. I just don't want to be blown off when we can all 3 have a good time and I can get to know him. After all, that is what she's implied its all about. I understand there are times they can have dates alone, and I wouldn't want to impose but she has included me while wanting to see him tonight. I just don't want to feel like a 3rd wheel but I don't want to overreact or seem jealous. :shifty: Has anyone been in this situation?

By the way, I thought of inviting a friend, but no one is available tonight. I don't think I should be expected to invite a friend though. My friend asked me to be her guest, after all.

Why does this post no longer show up or have any answers?
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it's still there. It hasn't been up long enough to get many replies, a lot of times it takes time in the advice section.

I'd go under the assumption that it is what it is - the two of you will be hanging out and listening to his music, and when she gets a chance to spend time with him she will. If she completely dumps you, you have a right to be upset, but unless/until that happens, just enjoy a night out with your friend.