Soccer: Are There Too Many Foreigners?


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Fifa are thinking of putting a limit on how many foreingers a team can have because there are too many in the Premiership alone; Alex Fergisonis agrees and will be backing up Fifa's decision while Arsenal (XD) will be objection; and possibly Liverpool.
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I would, personally, back the idea. Home-grown players from academies don't get the chance to play for the team they grew up loving because managers and club owners spend the money on overpriced foreingers, and not oly does it effect for local high ranked teams it also effects the England team becuase the 'best' players we have in the Premiership are foreign.

Bring on the limitations!


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La la!

What really bugs me out is that Arsenal has too many 'colored' players. No English man has ever played one minute with Arsenal.


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I am against the idea of limiting foreign players in any league in the world, but especially in England. The Premiership is arguably the best league in the world and its foreign talent certainly has much to do with it. I think it's really unquestionable that if you start favoring passports over talent, then the league would lose its allure and therefore, its status as a top, world class league.

Imagine in two years you tune in to a once-classic Man U/Chelsea match. What if there was no Ronaldo, no Essien, no Tevez, no Cech, no van der Sar, no Drogba, no Nani, no Shevchenko, or no O'Shea? The list goes on and on. You cannot possibly say that this would make the Premiership better. Each of the top 4 teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U) has more foreign players than English, not to mention they all have foreign coaches. Imagine how boring things would be if you booted half of those rosters. As a sports fan, why would you care about the bureaucracy involved in obtaining citizenship?

Despite being inundated with foreign talent, the Premiership still maintains its own character and style of competition and is still globally known as the English way of playing. The English should take pride in this.

I would sooner argue that it seems more sensable to require a national team's coach to be a citizen of that nation. If every player on the English team is English, why allow anyone but an English coach.

Oh, on a final note, this proposed restriction violates EU labor laws as well. Hopefully this alone will keep it from being enacted.

Irishone, the first player that comes to mind is Eto'o from Barcelona.


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Heres my 2 cents on this. I believe that the best players should play for the best teams period. I dont care if its an alien let them play.


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I agree with neum 100%. There's a reason there's club football and international football. In international football you play for your country. In club football you play for your club (in most cases, whoever can pay you the most).
It's a fact that Brazillian players are the best in the world ''debatable'' but if we look at the club team in Brazil we'll see that they don't even compare to the Europian ones because that where all the money is.


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Some Brazilian players are goddamn overrated. Ronaldo? He is a dud these days, Ronaldhino can't be worser.


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I don't think many people overrate the Brazilian Ronaldo anymore. Most times Ronaldo is mentioned, it's Christiano. And I still think Ronaldinho is pretty incredible. I know he hasn't been having another Balloon d'Or type season, but that doesn't mean he's past his prime. It's gotta be tough to come up with stand out performances when your teammates are Messi, Eto'o, Henri, etc. Yikes!