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Sobering up Methods?


Registered Member
I am watching Mythbusters who are trying methods for sobering up after a bit to drink:

Black Coffee,
Cold/Ice Water,
Being slapped in the Face,

I don't tend to drink coffee when I am hungover, usually a mixture water and red bull. Also a hot shower and eating some kind of fast food does help, that and sitting on my sofa watching films all day and avoiding other people.

I don't think any one method would work for everyone in the same way that not everyone gets as drunk as others as quickly, there are a lot of factors, but what is your method for getting over a hangover?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Water does help, but you have to drink a whole lot(well, for me you do) to be hydrated again. If I can do it, I try to eat some greasy food, which helps a bit, but often times my stomach feels so bad that I can’t eat food. To be honest, the best solution for me is hair of the dog(if possible to do so).

I also sit in my bath while taking a shower and let really warm water fall on my head.


Well-Known Member
Mac n cheese and a big ol' bottle of water first thing in the morning. Then a banana smoothie a bit later on. After that I can usually pass as human. I can't drink coffee after drinking, it makes me want to barf.


Registered Member
Absolutely water, and napping. I had assumed a lot of a hangover is just being dehydrated. And I agree with Babe, I usually can't eat if I'm hungover. I've heard bread and bacon are the best foods though. Basically anything fatty that will fill you up.


Well-Known Member
Napping is the obvious one here and I don't think it counts as a quick fix to sober up. That's like a long term thing if I don't have things to do.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I usually only have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening and then I go to bed. So I don't really have to worry about sobering up.


Creeping On You
If I've had a few and I need to function properly for something I'm attending, I find cold air, and deep breaths help get your head on a little straighter. As far as hangovers go, there's really no quick fix haha. Don't drink if you have to do shit the next day. I find the best thing to feel better is to just sleep in, watch netflix all day and then have a good supper and go back to bed haha.
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