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sob orange box?


New Member
have any of you guys heard of this? my friend and i are trying to get it to work. apparently you are supposed to be able to change the name in the caller id....if anyone has experience with this can they plz help me out here


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Sure! Its a Caller ID Generator for Windows. But since it can be abused by the wrong hands, I won't say how to unless the mods here are okay with it.


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My rules (which usually follow very closely to Andrew's, mind you) are that you can't use the board to discuss illegal activities. You can usually get away with a mention that it can be used for illegal purposes, as long as you specifically state that you're information pertains only to the legal side of things. Hope that clears some rules up for you guys.

Basically, you can say "why", but not "how" something is done. His question, for example, was fine. As far as I can tell, there's nothing illegal about changing the name outputted by the caller ID. In fact, it's a common feature on most cell phones. Continue, my friends.


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Re: sob orange box? pagato

Thanks ScubaSteve. :)

Hi Pagato! What version are you executing on Windows?
Is it a version below 1.9.x?