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So you have the number 1 pick in your fantasy Draft


Registered Member
Who do you select?

Notably most leagues are different in their scoring and I am asking this question assuming it isn't a keeper league.

I just started to rank some players last night (last year I was ranking players in June which was WAY too early) and I realized after the top 5 RBs the players statistics significantly deteriorates

Last year I lucked out with the 4th overall pick in the draft but I can't imagine getting 10 or 12 after everyone selects RBs with their first pick (well there is always 2 guys who draft Manning/Brady every draft has em).

I would like to contend that Brian Westbrook would probably be my first overall selection. Brian had over 2,000 total yards and was the only back (I believe) to do so last year. I see Westbrook as the new Tiki Barber. A guy who had a light amount of carries early in his career and is ripping off numbers late in his career since he hasn't taken as many hits and has the experienced vision.

Here is my problem with picking LT. The boy is very consistent but...last season it took him a bit of time to start pumping out crazy games. A bit too late for my tastes. He is also getting older I mean you could argue that he is in the prime age as a RB (considered ages 28-30). Theoretically most RBs tend to have their best performances in that age range. But the RB has been getting a lot of carries and I think he will dip off a bit in the next year or two...

Now Adrian Peterson is a different story. I would take him in a heartbeat if it wasn't for his tendency to get injured. Having an injured RB in a FF league is usually a difficult if not impossible obstacle to overcome. Now the Vikings O-Line is a force to be reckoned with and I know I will be half-tempted to take Adrian first...(in fact I know I would be heavily tempted to take him) but it's a gamble. The payoff could be HUGE if he is healthy the entire season...or it could end my FF season prematurely.

Now if I wanted to be incredibly safe, I would probably pick Addai. The guy will get yards and TDs and is not likely to get injured. There is little risk, but not much reward in picking this RB since the colts spread the ball around.

Anyways I will post more blurbs like this as FF season takes off.


Son of Liberty
My first two thoughts were either Peterson or Addai. I recall last season the team that we hated playing was the one that had Addai on the starting roster.
also happened to have Peyton Manning...

Pending the points are a standard FF style, I'd probably go with Addai but only after careful consideration and a gut feeling over Peterson.

If I were playing in a league like I was last season where the points were heavily weighted to the receiving part of the game, I'd go with Peyton Manning first.


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I would go with either, Tomlinson or Peterson if I decided to go RB, Brady or P. Manning if I went QB, and Moss or Terrible Owens if I went with WR. I usually start with QB then RB but I guess it all depends on my mood when I make the pick.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
For this season I'd probably pick Peterson, Moss, or Brady.


blue 3
Grabbing a WR first round is typically just a bad idea. WR numbers are some of the most inconsistant numbers in any league. There are exceptions, depending on scoring, but for the most part, it's suicide. I mean sure Steve Smith put up RIDICULOUS numbers two years ago as a WR, but you get more consistant numbers from a RB/QB plus you can pick up some solid possession wideouts in the 4th/5th round that can carry a team, again depending on the scoring type.

For me...it would have to be Peterson or LT. Yeah LT is getting old but he's such a crucial part of the Charger's offense. Granted there's a chance that Rivers would become a more reliable QB and they may start throwin even more, but I can't see them taking him out of the offense, plus this year he probably won't miss pre-season.


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Seems like a majority of the people think LT or Peterson would be the best pick.

I am surprised Westbrook (who put up the most total yards then both last year) is completely overlooked. In terms of TDs he only had one less then All-Day and 5 less then LT.

Granted though I think that if I had the first pick in the draft I think it would be quite the conundrum to draft between the three.


Son of Liberty
I'm not so sure about LT.... IMO I saw his performance slump a little last season comparing to others. That and he's peaking a bit from what I see. AP however is the new rising star and I really feel he'll be the Favored #1 pick this season.

Maybe I'll heed your advice and keep an eye on Westbrook pending my draft position ;)