So you guys...


rainbow 11!
Isn't DJ (Baasch) like the coolest guy ever?
I wish I was just like him!
He makes me feel all fuzzy inside.


rainbow 11!
So. I ditched Dj in the living room while he was watching TV. I called Alisa while I was in my room, surfing FB and GF. lol We were having fun talking on the phone... Until Dj comes in. He sees me laying there on my stomach and straddles my ass and starts to hump me. He tries to hang up the phone because he is jealous of how awesome Alisa is and feels inferior, which he is.

Then we wrestled over the phone and I ended up with my legs wrapped around his and me winning lol Kinda...

Then I escaped to the other room where Alisa and I continued our delightful conversation. Only to be interrupted by Dj walking in on me telling Alisa that he doesn't know his left and right lol

So he grabs this sharp thing off of the computer desk and makes me hang up the phone.

So yes. He did rape me.


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Is it weird that I know the exact voice you would say the title of this thread in...I think I spend to much time in chat :lol: