So You Get Jealious/Envious of Someone Bigger or Smaller Than You?


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Do You Get Jealious/Envious of Someone Bigger or Smaller Than You?

I'm about 145 lbs standing 6 feet tall, I have what most people say a swimmer/jogger's physical features. I lift now because I want to gain weight and more muscle and fat mass on my body like most people have at the gym. I'll be the first to say I do get envious at other guys who are buff and physically lean than I am. Because of my high motabolim I seem to stay the same weight and only make my body lean and cut instead of building it up any.

I want to know how you guys feel about something like this, do you feel jealious of someone who's more slim and faster than you are or envious when someone is stronger and bigger than you? Its nothing to be ashamed of, for me it makes working out more fun to see if I can improve myself more for my goal. What about you?



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I wish I had a higher metabolism. It was wrecked thanks to excessive thirst playing football a couple years ago.

I'm in the process of easing into an exercise program. Nos is helping me get on my feet with it so hopefully I won't have to deal with the moderate jealously I have for guys who are in shape.


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I'm 6'2", 185 lbs. I have pretty low body fat (prob 5-8%, it varies) and am in ok shape. I wish a had a much stronger chest (it's my weak spot), but overall I'm pretty satisfied.


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I am 5'6" 175 lbs.

I have a good chest and like my upper body. I am completely satisfied with my lifting ability.

However, Im trying to lose fat. I have a very slow metabolism...but i didnt do much cardio and ate poorly in the past (bout 3 years ago).

Thing is I want to trim a bit. I had the bulk already when I started lifting and some people told me thats how i got so big for my size so fast. But i rather be about 160 maybe 155 lbs. I dont care about being "big" anymore I would rather be thinner.


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Wish I had a 6 pack and when I see someone with it, I don't get jealous, I'll either walk up to them and ask them for tips