So, where is society going?

I will probably be blasted for this but WHO CARES.
I was reading an interesting thread and it got me thinking.. where is society going? We all know that the general population is becoming more stupid, right? And I don't need proof, just look around you. Kids can't spell, the majority of the population is flat broke. Everybody is hell bent on getting laid (and if you do then NOTHING else matters). Instead of building hospitals, we build stadiums and waste billions of dollars on other useless sh*t. We donate truckloads of money to the poor in third world countries.. every night World Vision harasses me through television.. how about you stop feeding them and give them some contraception? Educate them PROPERLY? Feeding them will just give them energy to reproduce and hence more kids. Sure, technology is advancing (not as rapidly as it once was though) but I can't imagine how stupid the general population will be in a few hundred years. Thank god I will be six feet under in my grave and it won't be my problem.

Anyway, I would like to know what other people think. Am I the only one who is concerned about the way things are going?:shifteyes:
Society is going to hell LITERALLY

Edit: Techology is more like advancing into something war made or something useless to the people:-/, Hello to the SPACE-STATION ON THE MOON!
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Anyway, I would like to know what other people think. Am I the only one who is concerned about the way things are going?:shifteyes:
I completely disagree with all you have written, you base your negativities on some very preconceived impression of society with out giving any credit to it. It is a forlorn view you have on society considering that society is a collective of individuals and each individual is every one of us(including you!)

For society to go somewhere, it has to of come from somewhere , on that analysis; No Im not concerned about where it is going as it is a far better place than where it has come from. Society will follow the same route it has done for the last 10,000 years in that it will only get better.

Kids cant spell? literacy rates globally are higher than they have ever been. Its not perfect but its considerably better than any other moment in humankinds existence

The majority of the population is flat broke? The poverty line gets continually lower. People are broke due to individual gullibility towards capitalist ideals. That is the persons fault not the collectives. Is being broke a bad thing?(or is being broke a capitalist concept?)

Everybody is hell bent on getting laid? We are after all anilmals our primative instinct is to breed, thats a trend we will never buck! All praise the Pandas as they no-longer want to f**k.

Instead of building hospitals, we build stadiums? Not quite right; we build hospitals and then we build stadiums. Stadiums are not being built as a replacement or alternative to hospitals they are being built as an addition to the infrastructure of a society. <<This in itself is worthy of credit, we can build hospitals & we can ALSO build!

We donate truckloads of money to the poor in third world countries? I do not see how this a negative on society, we could instead enslave them! Remember its a rather modern concept that we choose not to enslave them instead we opt to try and help them. I would say 'society' is defiantly going in the right direction here.
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Some very good points there, Bananas. Although as a collective, I gotta say society- atleast in some aspects- is going right down the crapper. When did gang culture and knife crime and chavs become epidemics? When did fast food get a choke hold on the young? Why has drug consumption become socially acceptable? Why has education lost it's ideals to please those too lazy to use it to it's fullest? When did it become a necessity to be 14 and not a virgin? Why does no-one care?


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When did gang culture and knife crime and chavs become epidemics?
Is it epidemic! Lets use London as an example as that seems to be the focus for knife crime at present.

You have a city with a population of near 8 million whilst knife crime claims an estimated average of less than 40 people per year. The amount of crime of any city generally has always coincided and risen with population expansion, however it usually rises slightly slower than the population(so comparitevly it is falling). It only goes above this change with economic deprivation as people become increasingly desperate. War has the opposite affect and crimes generally fall during times of conflict.

The current knife epidemic is only an epidemic as it is being sensationalized by the press and society, again something society should be credited for and not ashamed of in identifying and appreciating the problem. Its always been there its only now we notice it.

As for chavs well they have always been here, they just received a new label. Use the words juvenile delinquent instead and you realize they have been around the centuries.

When did fast food get a choke hold on the young?
This I do see as a downside along with obesity. The plus side is food at convenience available for the masses, so its not all bad. Just a shame its so unhealthy and many choose not to continue traditional methods of food production alongside commercial ones.

A good example is the south-sea islands of the pacific where they allow modern technologies into their lives yet continue to practice and teach traditional elements of their culture, one day they realize that the boat that brings them food, water, clothing and shelter may not turn up at all and they will have to fend for themselves and it would be a tragedy if they had forgotten how to!

I'm not saying society is perfect, I just do not agree that it is inadequate. Society has provided us with many opportunities and we are fortunate to have the freedom of choice to pursue those we favour. It is what we make of it and nothing is a necessity.
Right...I dont quite mind that society is teh epic fail. My life depends on it. If we stopped entertaining ourselves and started spending that money elsewhere, I would be out of the job.


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I don't know but it doesn't look like its going in the right direction. I am concerned too! Actually I was having a similar conversation with my Mum earlier today. I believe that things were better years ago then they are now. Life was much simpler but perhaps it was easier.