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So today is Black Friday, anybody go shopping?


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So who waited in big lines today for the good deals? Today is the biggest shopping day of the year if you didn't already know. I usually hit the big electronics stores like Best Buy and CompUSA but this year I didn't find anything worth waiting in line for.

So did anybody else hit the stores early this morning? Maybe some people are still out shopping. :)


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I would have liked to, but Walmart is the only respectable store within 40 miles of where I live, and Im not putting myself through that.


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I was on my way to work and I stopped at Best Buy and when I saw the parking lot, I was like no way. I did manage to stop at Best Buy after work and got Smallville season 5 for only $16.00.

There were some crazy drivers out there. I was sitting at a stop light and when my light turned green, 3 cars didn't even stop and went through a red light. If I would of went, I would of gotten broadsided.


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I have waited in front of best buy for the last 2 years but this year the deals just weren't good enough to justify the long wait. The deals in the past could produce money but this year nothing was low enough to make it worth my time.


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I didn't see anything that I wanted that was marked down. I have waited among with the crowd but this year, there wasn't anything that I saw that really blew me away in terms of price.


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I always stay home on Black Friday - there are too many nuts out and about. I still find it hard to believe that people get into fistfights over toys and whatnot. I'll just wait until the next week or two and get the stuff at my own pace.


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I chose to drive back home on Friday instead of getting my butt kicked by some big person going for the last sucker.


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We were looking for a new TV for the basement rec area; Best Buy had a decent one but we were not about to wait in line for it. We ended up going to look at their offerings on Saturday and the same TV was sitting at the door for the same doorbuster price. The salesman said they have been overstocking for the past few years in order to ensure they don't run out of any particular item right away. He said the laptops and computers are a bit more difficult to keep in stock, but hey, we weren't complaining, same TV, same door buster price that many people waited overnight for.:D
Remember, Black Friday is so-named in order to get the stores out of the red, so if they don't do well the day after Thanksgiving, there will be many more bargains to come in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


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I stayed at home in bed, because I worked the night shift on Friday night. I did stop at the store on my way to work to pick up some food so that I had something to eat at about 4:00am.


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O-o-oh, I don't know. For me BF is not good idea. :stare: I was in Mall (Macy's, Dillard's), but I didn't see some SPECIAL sale or clearnce. just like every holiday. in internet I bougth lap-top and some travell bags, but... I'm not sure that I ready wake up very-very early for this :lol: