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So, This Is How That Works.


Registered Member
Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (obviously). Just thought I would introduce myself before I jumped into everything. My name is Ray, I'm 21, and a Psych student. Eh, kind of hard to summarize yourself. Anyway, I'm from Missouri (US). I'm here just because I was looking for a new forum and I'm liking what I'm seeing here.


Sally Twit
Hello and welcome to GF, Ray!

Care to share your hobbies and other interests with us?


Registered Member
Thanks guys.

And yeah, sure. Uh, into a lot of things. Playing bass, songwriting, car modification (muscle cars), film, rock n' roll, et cetera.


Registered Member
Hello again & def welcome to GF! :D This dude has awesome music taste! Btw, there's tons of awesome topics here and I'm glad you're jumping in! This is def my fav forum! :nod:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome! I saw a few of your post in the Wrestling section so I decided to welcome you. We actually have two Wrestling fans at these forums that are from Missouri, I'm sure one or two of them will pop in and welcome you at some point. None the less, it seems like you'll be a great addition to the forums, so I do hope you decide to stick around for the long haul.


still nobody's bitch
Hi Ray, welcome to GF. Nice to see that you jumped right in. Hope you like it here


Registered Member
Hi and welcome. Glad you like it so far. Its the best forum I've ever used.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Sweet someone else from Missouri! Welcome!

May I ask where in Missouri? Myself and Unity are both from the St Louis area. See ya around.


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forums man. Your username is pretty good (as others have said).

I'm into music and songwriting as well, I'm not much of a car guy though. :lol:

See ya around!