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so....this is embarassing...


Registered Member
*touches self*

OMFG! That was funny video Smelnick!

I only have Euro, or must I go to exchange for USD?


Registered Member
OMFG! I have no words, except, that was absolutely awesome! I sat here laughing, I thought it was great to watch. Imma go watch it again :)


Registered Member
Please God, I haven't asked for much in my time. I try to be a good person; we may not always see eye to eye, but just this once, just this one time, I'm asking...

Please oh please make this video go viral.


AKA Ass-Bandit


Babeasaurus Sex
I just fucking love his videos...they're my new amusement at work!


Registered Member
You watched that at work? You're either brave or foolish (or both - they're not mutually exclusive :lol:)


Babeasaurus Sex
Hahaha probably both.

I have my headphones in so its not like anyone can hear and my desk is the only one no one can see :D (WIN)
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