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So....MVP turned heel tonight.

If you watched Impact Wrestling tonight, you probably saw that after teasing an opponent that Eric Young had never faced to defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary, MVP turned on EY by attacking him and appointing himself as the new #1 contender. At first, I was pissed about it because that means that we're getting *AGAIN* a corrupt authority figure but someone on a Facebook page made a very valid point and after hearing his point, I realized that he was absolutely right: MVP turning heel made total sense and he actually left us clues and hints since his arrival that it would happen but we never saw it coming. Case in point:

Step 1: MVP saw that Dixie Carter incured the wrath of several TNA talents so he was able to bring in the Wolves with him and become an "investor" in TNA Wrestling. After getting his foot in, he's able to con Dixie Carter in putting the director of wrestling operations position on the line at Lockdown, knowing full well that Dixie would go all in to make sure she retains full control, thus offering Bobby Roode & Austin Aries ownership stakes in the company and using Bully Ray as the special guest referee in Lethal Lockdown.

Step 2: Convince Bully Ray to backstab Dixie Carter during Lockdown and gain control of wrestling operations, using Bully Ray's past history with Dixie Carter in the Aces & Eights angle. Afterwards, Dixie Carter will be too busy seeking revenge on Bully Ray for doublecrossing her so MVP will be able to focus completely on "wrestling operations" and moving to the final step of his master plan.

Step 3 (not completely done yet but won't say anything to avoid spoilers): Bringing in an influx of new talent that can potentially help him build a base to protect him and win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Now in a position of complete control, he's able to get a major psychological advantage on Eric Young after gaining his trust and suddenly stabbing him in the back to show his true colors.

So, to sum it all up, we currently have 2 heel authority figures in TNA but 1 has completely conned the other into getting exactly what he wanted. Something that he would've never have gotten from the boss if he had been a "regular talent".

So....what do you think? Am I right? Am I missing something?
The issue for me is the interaction between MVP and Dixie Carter. Doesn't make really sense for me to keep Dixie around on TV if she isn't working alongside with MVP, which I don't see happening. My guess is that they're (hopefully) going to try to find a way to phase her out of the program to let MVP being the only authority figure in place. Gonna be interesting to see where Ethan Carter III will fit in all of this. Is he gonna be loyal to Auntie D or will he join MVP?


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I still really hope Dixie is off TV soon and MVP being more active as a competitor would be nice…but I do like the idea of him bringing in a lot of new talent who are helping him somehow.

Basically, I'm not mad at the idea of him turning heel no matter how face-like he has been. He got into power and either seeing EY as champ tempted him to take advantage or this was his plan all along. Either way it works for me.

I do like the overall breakdown. I'm not sure if that's where they'll go in the explanation but I do like this happening. I say keep Dixie separate and have Bully Ray drive her from the company as a character.
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